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wannabe rib


roll with it



up-to-the-minute materiality.

Designtex drop13 Wannabe Rib + Senecal

A sweet start to 2022.
Welcome tools of the trade:
2 new friends + 2 revamped favorites.

Senecal: Extra-wide widths to build verticality and privacy.

Roll With It: Wallcoverings that spark joy.

Wannabe Rib: Texture and tactility, a felt with all the feels.

Rein: Pure warmth with a lovely leather look- alike.

4 new materials to add to your design toolbox, mix and match to create a welcome return to the spaces we inhabit.


boss benefits.

A poised polyester ideal for quiet spaces that are welcoming to workers.

Senecal is a budget-friendly, 66-inch wide fabric that’s designed to work better on high panels.

wannabe rib

felt finesse.

An architectural favorite, now updated and ready to mix and match with its cousin Wannabe. 

Made from 100% recycled PET.

Discover new alluring colorways and its embossed texture that amps up tactility.  

roll with it

roll with it, y’all.

A pattern we can all relate to.

The wonderful wallcovering play pal.
Roll With It is an uplifting pattern to bring positive, pinstriped energy.  

A considered color palette comfortably coordinates for a freshness that feels right for how we now roll.

Designtex drop13 Rein 3010


lovely leather look a-like.

Hospitality flair with a performance punch. A lovely leather look a-like, stays true to the real deal with warm colors of cognac, butterscotch and sage. Woo with warm leather hues.

modern material

drop 14

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