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west elm


Introducing four handsome woven wonders that are right at home wherever people live, play and work right now. This creative collaboration with West Elm results in livable luxury, durable design and a sensory tactility that out-performs in corporate conference rooms and dens of domesticity.

drop16_swatch_move copy.gif
Designtex drop16 Speckle Boucle

speckle bouclé 

a bounty of
bouclé beauty.

Speckle Bouclé brings a textural touch to spaces that need a nubby nudge of coziness to create a nurturing nest. 

Designtex drop16 Speckle Boucl
Designtex drop16 Plush Grid

plush grid

Designtex drop16 Plush Grid

creatures of

A distressed chenille with plenty of softness that lends a familiar look to spaces and places that welcome a warm, nourishing touch.

Designtex drop16 Cube Geo

cube geo

geo chic.

A finely detailed, elegant mini geometric that looks sharp, pairs well and is ready to welcome.

Designtex drop16 Cube Geo
Designtex drop16 Bouclé Houndstooth

bouclé houndstooth

Designtex drop16 Bouclé Houndstooth

toothy texture.

A chic and tactile houndstooth that brings maximum impact to modern living and working spaces— wherever they may be.

west elm

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