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silicone roundabout


silicone reveal


silicone range


silicone level

This collection of four new silicone textiles offers a generous assortment of vibrant and sophisticated colors and textures for both indoor and outdoor use.

Distinguished by their surfaces - from smooth matte to refined leather-like grain and more - a spectrum of fresh, optimistic hues and one new pattern unites these versatile premium performance textiles.


With our new silicones we are proud to deliver some of the safest textiles on the market, without compromising on design or performance.

These textiles exceed the industry standard requirements for non-toxic fabrics and comply with tough Greenguard Gold and LEED criteria, have no PVC, PFAs, antimicrobials or flame retardants, and low VOCs, helping to make your environment as risk-free as possible.


silicone roundabout 

The multicolored calligraphic print of Silicone Roundabout is formed from organic hand-drawn circular shapes.

The sharp integrity of the pattern is made possible thanks to years of Designtex advancements in digital printing technology. A perfect partner to mix with solid shades. 


silicone reveal

Silicone Reveal has a micro tech pattern created by subtly embossing the surface.

An expertly edited palette of 24 shades inspired by the natural world allows for creating easy color combinations with plenty of choice. 


silicone range

With its subtle surface texture that reflects a refined, leather-like grain, Silicone Range is the perfect choice when understated elegance benefits from a boost of performance and vibrant color.


silicone level

Silicone Level’s compelling depth of color is highlighted by an extremely smooth, suede-like matte finish.

40 rich shades, as if borrowed from an oil painter’s palette, will bring warmth and energy to a variety of spaces. 


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